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Is Instagram Really Secure? How to be Safe on Instagram

Although I am usually an early adopter of the majority of new social networking networks once they emerge, I had been an Instagram curmudgeon for some time. However, after giving it a try, its simplicity of use and also brilliantly minimal interface totally won me over, and today I am an InstaAddict.

Being a visual social media based entirely about sharing photographs, Instagram is a natural favorite among those who like to share life every detail with fans and friends, so attempting to secure your own account may look like splashing cold water on the entire idea.

Anyone can view Instagram private profile picture in full size using Instagram profile viewer without any consent if the owner. Instagram doesn’t let people view the profile pic in full size but few third-party apps let you view anyone’s Insta DP in full size. It’s probably instagram’s glitch. 

Keep reading for 5 items to keep in mind for maintaining your data safe on Instagram.

1. Do not add your telephone number to your own profile

Based on Instagram’s Privacy Policy, despite the fact that your telephone number is indicated as confidential, it is used by the support that will assist you to be “located” on the community.

So anybody who happens to get your telephone number may use it to attempt to locate your own Instagram account in case you have this info included. Better abandon it out.

At times it looks like half of the pleasure of posting a fantastic photograph to Instagram is tagging the place, particularly if it’s someplace bragworthy from a recent holiday.

However, as you are going about your mundane life, possibly posting from some regular haunts day following day, keep in mind that you’re sharing exactly where — and frequently when — you are available, together with complete strangers (in case your profile is set to Public).

As it is not a fantastic idea to post a public opinion on Facebook detailing which your house will be vacant for months even though you’re on holiday, go simple on location-tagging your own Instagram posts, particularly in the event that you typically share your photographs in the present time.

2. Head those connected accounts

If you connect your Instagram accounts to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking network, this means you have the choice of broadcasting your Instagram photographs to a wide array of networks and new viewers.

However, ensure that your privacy settings in your connected account match your goal — do you need all of your Instagram pictures posting as people in your differently friends-only Facebook accounts? (If Grandma be able to understand your celebration snaps?)

Double-check all privacy and security preferences on the accounts connected to a Instagram profile.

3. Consider going Personal, but recall nothing really is

You have the choice of placing your Instagram profile Personal — so your photographs and profile info are just visible to individuals you specifically grant permission.

Contrary to Facebook, it is an amazing setting, there’s absolutely not any way to create some posts private and others.

To produce your Instagram profile Personal, simply navigate to your own profile from the program, click on the gear icon at the top right and click on the “Personal” option.

Just do not forget that whatever you post online, via a site or an program, is not really private.

If the service you are using is violated, or if your accounts or perhaps a buddy’s account is compromised, then your once-private info could suddenly become quite public. So never post anything online, you could seriously repent afterwards, however personal your accounts seems to be.

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